How can i contact the maui coastal land trust?

Hawaiʻi Land Trust is a 501 (c) (nonprofit) land conservation organization. The Hawaii plan provides a framework for identifying coastal and estuarine land conservation priorities and defines the state process for evaluating project proposals that the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program will submit to the national funding competition administered by NOAA. Land trusts work with landlords interested in protecting open spaces and conserving land by acquiring or assisting with land or conservation easements. About coastal and estuarine land conservation plans, they are intended to be concise documents that guide the participation of states in the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program.

Land trusts often negotiate and use land easements that can limit any development potential and specify what can and cannot be done on a property. Its mission is to “preserve and protect the coastal lands of Maui Nui for the benefit of the natural environment and of current and future generations. The Maui Coastal Land Trust was created in 2001 to help connect government agencies with private landowners and community groups in an effort to protect Maui's shorelines, coastal landscapes, and cultural resources.

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