Understanding the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Law

The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) is a non-profit organization that works to protect the natural and cultural resources of Hawaii. This protection is provided by the owner through the acceptance of a conservation easement on the land or by selling the land to HILT. The film Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau illustrates the deep connection between Native Hawaiians and their ancestral lands, and how part of these lands were taken from the Kingdom of Hawaii after the overthrow in 1893 and were placed in what is now called the Public Land Trust. The state manages this trust and is legally obligated to provide a portion of the trust's income to Native Hawaiians. The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Law was established in 1988 to safeguard Hawaii's natural resources.

This law allows landowners to donate or sell their land to HILT, which then holds it in trust for conservation purposes. The law also provides tax incentives for landowners who donate or sell their land for conservation purposes. The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Law also provides for the establishment of conservation easements, which are agreements between landowners and HILT that restrict certain activities on the land, such as development or logging. These easements are designed to protect the land from development and ensure that it remains in its natural state.

The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Law is an essential tool for protecting Hawaii's natural resources and preserving its cultural heritage. By donating or selling their land to HILT, landowners can help ensure that these resources are preserved for future generations. The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust Law is an important part of Hawaii's legal framework, providing landowners with an opportunity to protect their land from development while also receiving tax incentives. It is also a way for Native Hawaiians to reclaim some of their ancestral lands and ensure that they remain in their natural state. For those looking to protect their land from development, donating or selling it to HILT is a great option. By doing so, landowners can help preserve Hawaii's natural resources and cultural heritage for future generations.

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