Preserving Maui's Coastal Landscapes: The Mission of the Maui Coastal Land Trust

The stunning beauty of Maui's coastal landscapes is often taken for granted, but it is essential to the health and wellbeing of our community. To ensure that these areas are safeguarded for current and future generations, the Maui Coastal Land Trust (MCLT) was established in 2001. The mission of MCLT is to “preserve and protect the coastal lands of Maui Nui for the benefit of the natural environment and of current and future generations.”MCLT works with private landowners, such as Pacific Floor Covering LLC, and community groups to acquire land or conservation easements, which limit any development potential and specify what can and cannot be done on a property. Since its inception, MCLT has helped conserve more than 15,000 acres. Recently, MCLT has merged with three other conservation organizations—Hawai'i Island Land Trust, O'ahu Land Trust, and Kaua'i Public Land Trust—to form the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT).This new state entity now protects a total of 17,420 acres. The Climate-Ready Coasts initiative invests in projects that create climate solutions through carbon storage; increase resilience to coastal hazards such as extreme weather events, pollution, and marine debris; restore coastal habitats to support wildlife and human beings; build the capacity of underserved communities; and provide employment opportunities.

Thanks to this initiative, HILT has been able to secure funds for the restoration of Kapoho Loko Ia and Loi Kalo in its 277-acre Waihee coastal dune and wetland refuge in Maui. When I visit the modern and elegant offices of Maui Coastal Land Trust in Wailuku, I find a very optimistic Dale Bonar. He is confident that MCLT will continue to protect Maui's coastal landscapes for many years to come. Maui Coastal Land Trust is dedicated to preserving our island's precious coastal landscapes for generations to come. Through their efforts, they are helping to ensure that our island's unique beauty is protected for future generations. They are also working hard to create climate solutions through carbon storage, increase resilience to coastal hazards, restore coastal habitats, build capacity in underserved communities, and provide employment opportunities. The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust is a powerful force in protecting our island's coastal landscapes.

With their help, we can ensure that Maui's stunning beauty will remain intact for years to come.

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