Protecting Hawaii's Precious Lands: What is a Land Trust and How Can It Help?

Hawai'i Land Trust (HILT) is a land trust for all the islands of Hawaii that is both a 501 (c), 3 Hawaii nonprofit organization and a nationally accredited land trust. HILT takes a holistic and uniquely Hawaiian approach to land conservation, giving priority to protecting coastlines, wahi kupuna (Hawaiian cultural landscapes) and lands where healthy food is grown for the people of Hawaii. The Land Trust protects valuable and irreplaceable land by using conservation easements maintained in perpetuity or by purchasing for a simple fee. Today, the Land Trust protects more than 17,000 acres of land in the Hawaiian Islands through a variety of conservation and land ownership easements.

The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. From lush rainforests to pristine beaches, these islands are home to an abundance of natural resources that are essential to the health and wellbeing of the local community. To ensure that these resources remain protected for future generations, Hawai'i Land Trust (HILT) works to protect these lands through conservation easements and land purchases. Protecting these lands preserves beautiful views, promotes clean water and air, and ensures that the community has access to areas such as beaches and coastlines.

Land trusts also protect the habitat of plants and animals, such as wildlife corridors, breeding areas and habitats for endangered species. Apolitical in nature, the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT) is a nonprofit organization committed to working with private landowners, community groups, community leaders, and government partners to protect Hawaii's precious lands. The Hawaii Islands Land Trust also provides resources and support to landowners to integrate conservation into their land use plans in perpetuity. In recent years, Hawaii Islands Land Trust staff have documented the residence of eight different endangered species, including native Hawaiian birds, such as the ae'o (stilt), the alae ke'oke'o (coot), the koloa (duck) and the nene (goose).

When you support the Land Trust Alliance, your contribution helps save more of the land you love. Memberships and donations are critical to helping the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust continue its essential work across the islands. Hawai'i Land Trust protects the lands that support Hawaii and teaches future generations to do the same. Land trusts also welcome visitors for activities such as walking, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, bird watching, and more.

Additionally, they protect farms and ranches to ensure sustainable food and a safe agricultural way of life. By protecting these lands from development or destruction, land trusts help preserve natural resources for future generations. Hawai'i Land Trust is dedicated to protecting Hawaii's precious lands for future generations. Through conservation easements and land purchases, HILT works with private landowners, community groups, community leaders and government partners to ensure that these lands remain protected for years to come.

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